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What is Stanford getting in Jack West?

Private quarterback coach David Morris, who played the position at Ole Miss from 1998-2002, started working with new Stanford commit Jack West when West in the sixth grade.

In the years since, West has developed into one of the nation's top prospects at his position, and now, a Cardinal football pledge.

"Jack is a special person and a special talent and he has a special work ethic," Morris said. "He's definitely one of the hardest workers I've ever had, and we've trained tons of kids. He always wants to go - he's one of those kids you have to even slow down and say, 'Hey, rest is important, too.'

"Jack West is a kid that is is impressive all across the board, whether it be intelligence or leadership or humility. He's mature beyond his age and on the field he's just a very skilled quarterback. He's got great feet and he's very mechanically sound. He's got plenty of arm and he's a guy that I think will continue to progress this year and for years to come."

What are West's best qualities?

"One intangible I would say he has just a ton of composure and poise," Morris said. "And physically I would say his best attribute is he is very, very accurate."

Morris thinks West's skill set will transition well to Stanford

"I think it's a good fit," he said. "Jack is a pro-style kid. Saraland High School does a lot of under center work still. They do a lot of gun work as well. From a training standpoint, it's something that we've always done as well - we always hit the under center footwork and mechanics of the under center drops and play actions and so fort. Jeff Kelly (West's high school coach) has coached him up very well and it's going to be a good fit. He's a pro-style kid. I think the fit there is just right."

Morris has interacted with several of Stanford's coaces over the course of their pursuit of West - Lance Taylor and Tavita Pritchard.

"They're a bunch of good guys," Morris said.

"Great people, and I've been real impressed with the people I've met there."

"I think they did it first class. They weren't the first guys to the party necessarily, but they made sure Jack was a priority, and Jack knew he was a priority. I think there was just a lot of effort there on both sides to really get to know each other, and I think at the end of the day Lance being from down here and having that relationship with Jeff and that connection obviously helps - recruiting is all about people, just like most things are all about people. So I think that they did a great job. They had a good plan and it worked."