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Team tech recap: Notes, quotes and photos FREE

Here are observations from the team tech workout, a few quick-hit interviews and another photo gallery.
I was able to watch the hour-long, player-led workout, and it seemed to me that everyone was in attendance to the voluntary workout.
Leaders of the workout included Andrew Luck, Chase Beeler, Jonathan Martin, Ryan Whalen, Konrad Reuland, and Richard Sherman.
Players worked on unit-specific drills, then played some 7-on-7s and ended with some 11-on-11s.
* Luck threw great and looks in top shape. He is attending the prestigious Manning Passing Academy, which started Thursday. It is a national camp that draws the top QBs in the country. Here is an article about the prestigious event.
* Luck found Chris Owusu for a score, while a great catch by Jamal-Rashad Patterson resulted in a TD.
* Ryan Hewitt made a great grab, using his body to shield the defender.
* Sherman has a nice PBU.
* Alex Loukas worked exclusively at QB, while Michael Thomas was exclusively at safety.
* Keanu Nelson made a nice one-handed grab.
Here are some short interviews of some players I grabbed after the workout.
Blake Lueders
How have the first two weeks been?
It's a big change (from high school). Everything is a lot more complex. Everyone is working real hard, and it's impressive to be a part of.
What has been the biggest adjustment
Definitely time management, I'd say that is the biggest thing. And then the complexity of the defense, the mental aspect of it -- that's a big part of it.
Taking two classes, how is school going?
Lot of reading -- going good.
What about out here on the field, how is that going?
At first I was very hectic, but now it is slowing down a little. All the upperclassmen have been great helping the freshmen. We have a lot of good leaders on this team. So it is making the transition easier.
What is your weight at?
Came it at about 240, and I'm about 245, which is more of my natural weight. But they haven't really specified where they want me.
You are at inside 'backer now. Is that where you want to be? It is very early, but are you thinking redshirt or playing this year?
Yeah, wherever they want me to be. We haven't even put pads on yet, so I don't know. But obviously I want to play and help the team any way I can.
Cole Underwood
How have the first two weeks gone?
Just really working on getting our strength and conditioning ready for college football. It's just busy at first. It's fast paced, but after the first two weeks you get accustomed to what is going on.
Have the older guys been helping?
Yes, definitely. I have some great teammates helping me out. David DeCastro, Chase Beeler, Jonathan Martin, Andy Phillips, they really take you under their wing and teach you all you need to know.
Michael Thomas
I see you were at safety. Is that a permanent move?
Yeah, for now (smiling), trying me out at safety and seeing how it goes for camp.
How different is the scheme and coverages from corner?
So far, for what they have exposed me to, it has been easy. It's been a good transition because it is so much like nickel. I'm on tight ends a lot and slot receivers. But as far as reading run plays, I still have a lot of work to do.
Is it getting easier?
I've had a lot of help. Delano, he made the switch and has been back there a year and made a smooth transition. And coach Mason, coach Fangio and coach Polian have been helping me with all kinds of film to watch. So it's been going great.
Cameron Fleming
How's the first two weeks been for you?
It's been a new experience. They have been working me harder than I've ever worked before. But it's all been great so far. I love it.
What's the biggest adjustment?
Time -- just handling that. I have to wake up, go to workouts, go to class.
What about on the field adjustment?
Everything is more complicated; everything is faster. Strength-wise, it is a lot different. I am going to have to step up my strength. Speed-wise and learning the plays, teammates have been great helping me learn the plays. We've all been helping each other. It's a great family effort.
What is your weight now?
I'm trying to go up a little bit, get to 300. I'm at 295 right now, but it's not that big of an issue. I'm just trying to get my strength up right now, and the coaches are helping me with that.
Usua Amanam
You were dinged the first part of spring. Are you OK now?
I'm good and running on all cylinders. I had a little knee bruise in the spring game, but that's gone.
How do you look back at last year?
It was a good learning experience for all the freshmen. And now we have a little taste of a bowl game. We want to get back and win one now.
Will replacing Toby will be the focus in camp?
I think it is a good situation for us. We have a lot of talent, and each of us will be fighting for a spot. I think we will all push each other with the competition.
What have you been working on this summer?
I've been working on my strength and my stamina, trying to work on reading the defense and reading the holes -- little things like that.
If the offense does open up behind Andrew, won't that help your style?
I think it will suit all of our games. (It will) help Andrew out more and help get all the backs out in open space more -- open up the field.
Here is a small Photo Gallery from the workout.
We will continue to have more from the workouts as they continue next week.