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Stanford WR Michael Wilson back for one more year on The Farm

Michael Wilson was a captain this past season.
Michael Wilson was a captain this past season. (Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)

On New Year’s Eve, Stanford senior wide receiver Michael Wilson announced on Instagram that he will be back at Stanford for one more season.

“One more season with Stanford football!!”, Wilson said with excitement in his post. “Excited to help lead this football team to the success we work for. Whatever it takes.”

Wilson played in four games for Stanford this past season, allowing him to preserve his redshirt should he choose to do so. Wilson said at the end of the season it was possible he’d go the route of coming back for another year but didn’t want to commit to anything while the season was still going on. Given that he left the door open for the possibility of a return, this news shouldn’t come as any surprise.

One major factor in all of this is the relationship that Wilson has with starting quarterback Tanner McKee, who will be a junior next season. Prior his first game back against Utah, a game that McKee actually did not play in due to injury, Wilson talked about how excited he was to finally play with McKee and how that was something that they’d always talked about. That was something that didn’t really happen this past season as Wilson didn’t come back until the final four games of the season and then McKee also missed some time down the stretch due to a knee injury.

By having Wilson back, McKee will be getting more than just a really good friend to throw passes to. He’ll be getting a guy who can make plays downfield and make life easier for him as a quarterback. Wilson’s best year on The Farm was his sophomore year. In that season, Wilson caught 56 passes for 672 yards and 5 touchdowns in 12 games played. If he’s able to match or exceed that level of production, he’ll be a major boon to the offense.

Touching more on his sophomore year, Wilson hasn’t had a normal season since then. His junior year was cut short due to COVID like everyone else and then his senior year was cut short due to a foot injury that took him around 11 months to recover from. So, this upcoming season will be his first full season since then. Along with playing with McKee, the chance to have one more normal season on The Farm is something that has to excite him as well.

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