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Stanford parts ways with longtime strength and conditioning coach

Shannon Turley arrived at Stanford in 2006 as part of the rescue mission led by Jim Harbaugh to save Stanford football. After 12 seasons Turley and Stanford parted ways with confirmation Monday that he no longer works at Stanford.

Stanford would not comment about why Turley was let go because it's a personnel matter; just as there was no explanation provided more than two months ago when he was placed on administrative leave Feb. 4.

Multiple sources told Cardinal Sports Report that there was an issue brought to Stanford's attention involving a former player. There were no details beyond that as the situation was locked up inside the football offices, and the office of athletic director Bernard Muir, in the Arrillaga Family Sports Center.

Turley is most recognized for his work with the football team but in 2013 his position was endowed as "Kissick Family Director of Sports Performance". According to Stanford: "On top of his day-to-day duties with the football team, Turley oversees the sports performance program implementation for each of Stanford's 36 varsity teams."

He was recognized in 2011 by as the top strength and conditioning coach in the country. In 2013 the Conditioning Association (NSCA) gave him their top honor as voted by its members.

Several sources told Cardinal Sports Report that in his absence the football training has been led by Cullen Carroll, the Assistant Director of Football Sports Performance.

Turley's impact on the program was seen on the field in every game.

Within a couple years of his arrival the number of injuries plummeted and Stanford went on a run of nearly 10 seasons as arguably one of the healthiest teams in the country. The past couple years saw a reversal culminating in a disastrous 2018 season when multiple positions were battered by injuries.

Before the 2018 season Turley told Cardinal Sports Report that he was confident that the leadership of the team would be much better. He considered it to be an important part of his job to shape the culture of the team and, in his opinion, it had suffered a decline that needed to be corrected.

Turley practically ran the program once spring football ends and the coaches have to keep away from instructing the players. And once the summer conditioning program began it was famous for testing the physical strength and mental willpower of the players.

Incoming freshman offensive tackle Walter Rouse told Cardinal Sports Report that Turley explained to the recruits that as much as he enjoyed the hospitality of the Sun Bowl -- where Stanford beat Pittsburgh in December for its second victory in El Paso in three years -- the goal was for a return to greater things.

Turley will not be part of that journey to get Stanford back to the top of the conference, where it last stood in 2015 and did so in large part because of the effort Turley led with his staff.