Rose Bowl Interview: Josh Nunes

Cardinal Sports Report caught up with redshirt junior quarterback Josh Nunes at Rose Bowl media day to preview the upcoming game and discuss Nunes' plans for a fifth year on The Farm.
Cardinal Sports Report: You're obviously a Southern California native, growing up nearby in Upland. Where exactly is that in proximity to Los Angeles?
Josh Nunes: It's about a half an hour from here depending on the traffic.
CSR: How big a role did the Rose Bowl play in your life early on. Was it a pretty big deal in the Nunes household?
Yeah, it was something we always grew up watching and really appreciated. Seeing the guys go through the experience was really cool, so it's definitely heightened the experience of me being here today.
CSR: How have the last seven or so weeks (since losing the starting job to Kevin Hogan) been for you personally?
JN: The last few weeks have been just difficult as a competitor, you always want to be out there on the field. But I've really enjoyed seeing the team's success and getting to the point where we are today.
CSR: What is your role now? Really kind of taking Kevin under your wing, what type of stuff are you doing now that maybe you weren't doing at the beginning of the year?
JN: Being second-string you're always ready to go in. I've always been on really good terms with Kevin. We have a really good relationship. It's been a relatively easy transition from that standpoint.
CSR: Next year you obviously do have a fifth year of eligibility. Have there been any decisions made on whether you're going to come back and take that year?
JN: I'm definitely going to try and come back and take that year if possible and still compete for the job every day.
CSR: With Wisconsin, what you've seen from their defense, is there a winning formula for you guys against them, or just do more of what you always do?
JN: We still carry the same attitude and mentality into each and every game. Still have to pound the rock and still have to throw the ball well.
CSR: Is it a bit of a different feel going against a Big-10 team that's a bit more like you guys schematically?
JN: Yeah. They're probably one of the close things that we've seen to us this year. The physicality up front and the really athletic guys in the back end. They definitely pose some problems for us that we need to address early.
CSR: What were some of the bright moments, more memorable moments of this season for you?
JN: The comeback win against Arizona and the big win versus USC earlier in the year were both really big for us as a team and moving forward.