Quick Hitter: Bernard Muir on contract

Stanford announced on Wednesday morning that the school agreed to a long-term contract extension with coach David Shaw. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.
Cardinal Sports Report briefly spoke with one of the catalysts behind the agreement, Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir, on Wednesday afternoon.
Cardinal Sports Report: Why did you feel that now was the right time to do this deal?
Bernard Muir: I think if you look just at David's body of work, if you will, and also credit to President Hennessy and the Board of Trustees, it was such a tremendous opportunity for us to solidify the relationship, which has been a very good one, and continues to be one with a lot of opportunity and promise.
CSR: Is there anything with the assistant coaches in this deal, or is this more for Coach Shaw?
BM: I think as we look at the program and work together, having that continuity is really important and we're going to do everything we can. We have a great staff and we want to continue to have that staff intact the best we can. That's part of the effort as well, making sure your football sustains that level of success.
CSR: What sort of impact do you think this announcement may have on recruiting, maybe easing some anxieties that some folks might have had?
BM: Hopefully it will ease some of the concern, especially from our Cardinal faithful, just knowing what we're doing and making sure we solidify that relationship. So I think that will quell some of the concern, if you will, that was out there. And certainly it helps our fanbase as well as our recruiting efforts in knowing that we have David for quite some time to come.