Pro Day Interviews: Taylor and Terrell

Following the conclusion of Stanford's Pro Day, Cardinal Sports Report caught up with a pair of the program's most productive players from the 2012 season - running back Stepfan Taylor and wide receiver Drew Terrell.
Below is the full transcript of each interview.
Running Back Stepfan Taylor
Cardinal Sports Report: How did you think it went out here today?
Stepfan Taylor: It went well. Came out here and played football, did the things that I'm used to doing. I came out there competing. I think everyone looked smooth out here doing drills and catching and things like that.
CSR: I know you had an injured ankle at the combine that slowed you down a little bit. What was your 40 time today?
ST: I actually heard a range. It was like 4.5 to 4.6-high, 4.6-medium, things like that. But I mean, I come out here and run and play football.
CSR: What kind of feedback have you gotten from NFL teams throughout this process
ST: Everything's pretty much the same. Well-rounded back, competitive back, and they just want to see my 40 and things like that. But at the end of the day, they always say my tape is good.
CSR: What is next for you in this NFL Draft process?
ST: Stay active, keeping working out. Be ready for workouts when teams call. And just be smart. A lot of people have Pro Day and do something stupid and mess themselves up. So be smart, and just get ready for the workouts and things like that.
CSR: Finally, when you look back on your four years here, is there a moment or moments that really stand out here at Stanford?
ST: The whole process. It's hard to believe that it's over. You're used to the locker room and things like that and seeing the players. But we've been in a lot of close games, especially the past year. That just gets us stronger and those games, they get everybody close together. I'm definitely going to miss that and remember that as well. This process has helped me out a lot, especially preparing for the next level.
Wide Receiver Drew Terrell
Cardinal Sports Report How do you think today went?
Drew Terrell: I think it went pretty well. It was a really, really long day. An early wake up, and it was just a continuous grind all day. I put my best foot forward, went as hard as I could go. Legs were a little dead just from doing everything back-to-back-to-back so quick. I think there's some things I could have done better at. I've done better at some of these things even in the training period, but it's part of the process and I'm glad to get all of this stuff behind me and look forward to getting with a team.
CSR: What was the feedback you got on the 40 time?
DT: I haven't really gotten any feedback to be honest with you. I haven't asked. I guess there was a lot of numbers thrown around. It could have been better, but we'll see.
CSR: What have you heard from NFL teams throughout this entire process?
DT: I've heard that my key to getting there is on special teams, returning punts, which is something I've always done. I've gotten a good deal of praise for my competitiveness, the way I play. I'm real consistent, good hands, that type of thing. So the feedback has been good. Like I said I'm glad to check this off the list and move forward.
CSR: What is the one thing between now and draft day you really want to shore up? Is there one area of emphasis for you over the next month or so?
DT: Not really. Just keep working out, keep getting better with football knowledge, just straight football training. I'm glad for that, to be able to focus on football again.
CSR: When you think back, what was the top moment or top moments of your four years here at Stanford?
DT: Winning the Pac-12 Championship game was really big for us and myself. It's crazy because Stanford pretty much came from the bottom when we were getting recruited, not many people knew about Stanford, and by our senior year we're Pac-12 and Rose Bowl champions, so it's kind of a euphoric moment. It was good for us as a senior class to go out the way we did.
CSR: Finally, from maybe the first years of high school on, have you ever dropped a punt?
DT: I don't think so. Not that I can recall. I guess that's a good thing (laughing).