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Package deal for Heimuli-Lund

When four-star wide receiver Simi Fehoko committed to Stanford on Sunday, not only did the Cardinal land a top wide receiver, they also snagged one half of Utah's top recruiting duo.
Fehoko's teammate, four-star 2017 standout Sione Heimuli-Lund, is also a top prospect. And there's a chance the two could play together in college.
"Me and Simi, we just call ourselves the package deal because we always talk about where we should go together, where the duo should go, the run game and the pass game," Heimuli-Lund said. "We just called ourselves the package deal last year. I mean, the crazy part is we call ourselves the package deal and we both told ourselves we're going to earn the Stanford offer and hopefully go there one day. So, I mean, it's crazy to see how that all happened."
Heimuli-Lund was already very high on Stanford prior to Fehoko's commitment. He's even more excited about the Cardinal now that his friend and teammate has verbally committed to the program.
"It was pretty sweet just to see everything he went through and what he had to do and what I need to do to be where he is," Heimuli-Lund said. "Simi committing, that's a pretty big deal to me. We've always wanted to go to school together. My chances of committing there, they probably just went up a little bit more, or a lot more "
Fehoko isn't Heimuli-Lund's only potential connection to Stanford. His cousin is 2015 Cardinal fullback signee, Houston Heimuli, who will be serving an LDS mission before beginning his college career in 2017.
"We were pretty close," Heimuli-Lund said. "Houston was cool, too. He's a reason why I loved Stanford as well. Every time we hung out it was always a good time."
Heimuli-Lund visited Stanford along with Fehoko and several other top prospects in mid-May for the Cardinal's Junior Day. His relationship with the program has continue to grow in the months since.
"Things are going great, of course," Heimuli-Lund said. "Stanford's still at the top of my list. Not a day goes by where I don't think about them. So, I mean, they're a pretty big priority to me."
Stanford's Utah recruiter extraordinaire Lance Anderson has led the Cardinal's pursuit of Heimuli-Lund, who has also been in touch with his potential future position coach, Lance Taylor.
"He just wants to keep a consistent relationship and just make sure I'm doing well and that I'll do well this next year in my junior year," Heimuli-Lund said of Taylor's message.
Heimuli-Lund doesn't have any college visits scheduled for the next few months, nor is he in a huge rush to make his college decision.
"I don't think I'll be visiting any more schools the rest of the summer or during the fall just because I want to focus on the season and just try to take care of that but I'll definitely be in contact with the coaches," Heimuli-Lund said.
"I think I'll (commit) after my junior year. Most definitely after my junior year. That's what I'm shooting for now, after my junior season, at least."
He's been working this offseason to improve his skills as a running back.
"I've been preparing where most schools are recruiting me," Heimuli-Lund said. "Most schools are recruiting me as a running back so I'm trying to increase my vision and my speed, so that's something I've been really pushing. And just being a football player, so, I mean, just being more athletic and making more plays is what my goal is this year, and to have a breakout season."
Heimuli-Lund is now leaning toward serving an LDS mission before the start of his college career.
"Right now it's looking like I'm going to go on one," Heimuli-Lund said. "Before Stanford offered me I was a little iffy but I talked to them and they said they totally support (missionaries), they already have a couple of players who returned from their mission and they have Simi who is going to go on his mission. So I think I'm going to serve one."