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Maddox on Stanford recruitment, commitment

Maryland running back Dorian Maddox's 11th hour commitment to Stanford may have appeared to come out of the blue, but in reality it was more than a year in the making.

"I would say late junior year, maybe, I got introduced to Coach Hansen," Maddox said. "He's the area recruiter. We've always stayed in touch over time, going back and forth. It got to the point where I had to submit my application. They liked the film, I'm guessing, and one thing led to another."

Maddox actually applied to Stanford before receiving an offer. He learned that he had been accepted into the school last Friday, which coincided with him receiving an offer from Stanford.

"I was informed (about the offer) I want to say Friday night when actually Coach Shaw and Coach Bloomgren came by the house," Maddox said. "They informed me in person before they left to go back to Palo Alto."

"(That and getting accepted) was a one-two punch."

"I was honestly speechless. My parents had to kind of get the words out for me. After I was told that I was offered and admitted into the school it was a matter of time before I accepted it on the spot."

"I put a lot of time and dedication into (the application process). Coach Shaw letting me know that I had been admitted was kind of a relief and I was just thannkful that my hard work paid off and it all worked out."

Ultimately, Stanford's combination of academic opportunity and football strength made the Cardinal offer too enticing for Maddox to turn down.

"I was actually asked this question a lot throughout my recruitment and I would say that what I was looking for, at least, in a school, when it came down to it was the best academics along with the best athletics," Maddox said. "And Stanford University speaks for itself. A top-notch, top of the line university, very selective with their admissions, along with a very great finish to their 2015-2016 season. So it was a blessing for me."

Maddox is one of two running backs who signed with Stanford on Wednesday - Texas back Trevor Speights is the other.

"They run the power offense, they're known for running the ball," Maddox said. "So me being a running back, I'm guessing, at least, that their plan is for me to be in the backfield. I'll obviously probably gain some weight and muscle and see what I can do with the ball in my hands."

Maddox won't be the only Gilman High School alum to head West in June to join the Stanford program. He'll be joined by fellow 2016 Cardinal signee Devery Hamilton.

"It's a great experience, especially since we've created a bond over these past four years," Maddox said. "Knowing that there's another four years is a great feeling. I won't be out there (without people I know). I'll definitely have another quote unquote brother out there with me."

Maddox did not take a visit to The Farm but as of this interview (conducted earlier in the week), he intended to take a trip to the school sometime late this week.

He anticipated getting a feel for the atmosphere, the people, the Palo Alto weather and "just falling in love even more with the school."

Maddox doesn't personally know anyone currently at Stanford, but former Cardinal football player and current United States senator Cory Booker is a family friend.