Know your coach: Mike Bloomgren

As Stanford's offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, Mike Bloomgren leads one of the most physical units in college football. But Bloomgren is also interested in business, an unabashed country music fan, and a social media up-and-comer.
From country music to Wall Street and everything in between, Bloomgren spoke with Cardinal Sports Report earlier this week about a variety of topics outside of the realm of normal football talk.
Cardinal Sports Report: Just to start, what is your Twitter resolution for 2013?
Mike Bloomgren: Well, I guess during the Pac-12 podcast they really hammered me for not having enough followers. So I'm happily now over 300. I have no idea what number I'm at, but I guess keep allowing that thing to grow a little and hopefully give people the best retweets out there. I think it's a great tool obviously in social media, the way things are rocking and rolling now.
ED: You can follow Bloomgren on Twitter HERE
I've become pretty good at Facebooking the past couple of years, so hopefully I'll become better at Twitter this year as well.
CSR: Favorite moment from your coaching career, whether it be here, whether it be Alabama, Florida State, the Jets, anything?
MB: I think you could just talk about it here. I think there's been some really cool ones the last couple of years. I think the one in 2011, the triple overtime win at SC. I think the players were exhausted. We were exhausted as coaches. I think if it had went a couple more overtimes, we truly, as many plays as we carry in a game, might have run of out of plays. But it was a lot of fun.
And then this year, when you talk about Oregon. Talk about winning the Pac-12 Championship game. Talk about the Rose Bowl. Those were super special games that were a lot of fun.
CSR: Favorite moment on the recruiting trail?
MB: So there's an offensive lineman that we're recruiting and I went and visited his coach. And they're in the city of Kansas City. After the visit is over you can't do anything but bump the kid. Me and the coach went and sat down at one of the great barbecue restaurants in Kansas City. And just for a nice change of pace on the recruiting trail to get to talk ball, eat great food, and kind of hang out a little instead of just rushing from plane to plane and hotel to hotel, that was really cool.
CSR: If you weren't a football coach, you'd be doing…
MB: Probably working on Wall Street. Probably something in the business sector. I think every football coach automatically is assumed that they'll sell insurance. And I don't think that would be the case with me. I'm not sure I love selling that much, but I do love the numbers game and some of those things.
CSR: Top bands, songs, on the iPod, MP3 player?
MB: On the West Coast it's pretty unpopular, but I'm a true country music fan at heart. But I think that I might have the most diverse iPod, iPad, iPhone up here. Everything from there's a touch of rap to some good old R&B. If I'm not running or if I'm just listening to the radio in the car, usually it's going to be on XM Channel 59, listening to some country music.
CSR: Have you ever come across a situation where you're recruiting against a Bill Callahan or one of your coaching mentors? If not, hypothetically, have you considered the possibility?
MB: As long as Bill stays in the pro game hopefully I won't have to worry about going head-to-head with him because he's one guy I'd be nervous about because I know he'd stop at nothing. But really I haven't. We've gone head-to-head with some great schools, battled against some friends in coaching circles, but it's all stayed pretty professional. There have been the jabs or the texts like, 'Hey, we're going to get him,' kind of stuff. But not really against a mentor per se.
CSR: Finally, biggest difference between coaching college football here and back in the ACC or SEC territory?
MB: Recruiting. One-word answer.
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