February 5, 2009

Signing Day Superlatives: Offense

Biggest Sleeper

Charley Loeb was the only quarterback Syracuse brought in this season. Loeb visited with the Greg Robinson staff during the season, but decided not to offer, A couple months later Loeb was back on campus with a new staff and an offer that he jumped at. Loeb, has solid size for a Big East quarterback, but he will have a lot of bodies in front of him when he gets to Syracuse.

Top Offensive Player:

Andrew Tiller was most likely the biggest get of the recruiting process for Syracuse. The Orange seem set at the skill positions on offense, but they will need to replace people on the offensive line. Tiller will be able to step in and upgrade and already veteran offensive line.

Best Athlete

Alec Lemon seemed to fall under the radar during the recruiting process, but that was good news for Syracuse. They were in on Lemon early and in August he committed to the Orange. What was to come next could have not been seen by many. Lemon recorded one of the best all around seasons for a receiver in the nation as he totaled 103 receptions, 23 touchdowns, and 1,616 receiving yards.

Top offensive lineman:

Andrew Phillips is an offensive lineman that is more agile than most. The two star prospect from Cristian Brothers Academy players lacrosse as well. The athleticism that goes with both sports should help Phillips as he will now just be focused on one position. While playing in high school Phillips was bigger than most, but in college it will not be like that. Now going into college Phillips is the kind of player with the drive to improve himself so he is ready for the new competition.

Most likely to be Captain:

[Justin Pugh was one of the first prospects to commit to Syracuse this year and he stuck with them through everything. His character and enthusiasm to win and help Syracuse in the future could lead him to becoming a future captain for Syracuse. At the beginning of the summer Pugh will represent Pennsylvania in the Big 33 game against a team of Ohio All Stars.

Top Recruiting Moment

Zack Chibane was not Doug Marrone's first commitment, but was his second. What was so important about Marrone's second commitment? Chibane at the time was committed to South Florida and then changed his mind as soon as he received a Syracuse offer. It also marked the first player the Marrone and his staff flipped during the recruiting process.

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