November 12, 2008

Wooldridge ready to get to Ft. Worth

One of the earliest commitments for the Frogs 2009 class came from Bellaire Episcopal offensive lineman John Wooldridge. The big 6-foot-5, 290-pounder led the Knights to a 6-3 record on the year while collecting over 60 pancake blocks and 60 knockdowns.

Although his team lost a heartbreaker, a 28-33 loss to St. Mark's, in the last game of the season, Wooldridge was happy with the way his senior season played out.

"Overall as a team, it's not that Episcopal has been a joke in the SPC but we haven't done that great in years past. But over the years we've progressively got better and this year as a team we were all one unit and one team. We had a good time, we all played great, and it showed in our efforts during the game.

"And for me personally, I think this year was probably one of my better years. I don't know what happened, but this year I came out with a lot more tenacity and I wanted to bury people in the ground this year."

Wooldridge will always remember his senior season at Episcopal which he says was highlighted bragging rights over cross town rivals.

"For me I think it's always great when you beat your cross town rivals like St. John's and Kinkaid. It's always great that you can hold that over them. Also starting off the year and getting to play a big time 4A school down here in Houston, we lost to them but it made me realize that a private school can hang with a big time 4A public school like that. I think that was a pretty big highlight. Following that when we beat another big time TAPPS team was pretty good."

To cap off Wooldridge's senior year, he earned the Most Valuable Player Award for Episcopal. That award is usually reserved for skill position players in years past until Wooldridge came along.

"It feels great," Wooldridge said of the honor. "I put in a lot of time and effort and I thought my team saw the leadership on the field and off the field. What the coach said and the weird thing was is that past MVP's were more specialty guys and this year was one of the first times an offensive lineman won the MVP on our team. That meant a lot to me to win that and show everybody that's a reason why I'm going to TCU and going there and hopefully starting something good."

Speaking of TCU, Wooldridge has kept a close eye on the Frogs throughout the season and is counting the days when he arrives to Ft. Worth.

"I think they've done great," he said. "They shouldn't have had the loss at Utah last week but I've been very impressed with how the defense has been playing and of course I've been watching the offensive line. I like how they've been run blocking and pass blocking, and I'm happy to go up there and join a nationally ranked team like that. I can't wait to get up there, I want to get up there as soon as possible, I'm pretty fired up for that. I've been waiting, I've always been a TCU football fan for my whole life and getting the opportunity to play for them just makes it that much better. I'm ready to get up there and have a good time.

"The other day I had the school college counselor wrote me and said Stanford wanted my transcript to look at me but I told her politely not to send them the transcript. I'm very solid to TCU and I don't want TCU and all of Ft. Worth to think that I'm considering another school because I'm not. I'm ready to be up there in Ft. Worth."

Wooldridge says he has some important goals to achieve once he arrives in Ft. Worth.

"I want to be a good teammate obviously," he said. "I want to win some championships and get in the BCS rankings and win a BCS bowl. With our recruiting class we have coming in, that will definitely give us an opportunity to do that."

Now that his football season is over, Wooldridge is heading to the wrestling mat to dish out some more pain during his time away from the gridiron.

"Actually I just got finished with a match about an hour ago. I pinned my guy in about 45 seconds. It felt good, it's definitely a way to get rid of the frustrations now that football is over. To get my first win in 45 seconds, that was a great feeling."

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