June 23, 2008

OSU Football Camp: Defensive Standouts

The success of the past two football seasons, the ability to develop athletes, and a safe campus atmosphere were three reasons cited by parents and athletes for attending the 2008 Oregon State Football Camp. In the first of two installments BeaverBlitz.com takes a look at the defensive athletes that showed improvement or future stardom.

This is the first of two camp articles that provides an overview of the camp standouts. A subsequent article will cover the offensive athletes.

Over the last few years the number of West Coast football camps has grown and saturated the camping landscape. The Beavers aren't feeling the pressure. They bucked that trend by capping their camp after realizing their numbers had grown too high in 2006.

Camp organizers limited the 2008 Beaver Camp to about 900 athletes. The ages range from grade school through high school, and they came from all over the west (Hawaii, Canada, Arizona, etc…). At least eight HS programs brought their entire teams.

While the camp gives the kids an opportunity to stay on a college campus, some athletes were only able to attend for the day before traveling to other camps.

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