March 5, 2013

Shaw Blog: Spring Ball Day Five

Stanford coach David Shaw spoke with the media following the Cardinal's fifth practice of the spring.

"It went well," Shaw said. "We did another live period at the end of practice. I thought Evan Crower did very well, operated the offense very well. Trent Murphy decided not to be blocked about four times today, so made it tough on the offense. Anthony Wilkerson I thought had a good day. Besides that it was a lot of back and forth."

Crower's strong practice was the latest in a string of solid performances for the redshirt sophomore quarterback. Shaw said that Crower's play hasn't been a surprise, but that he has been pleased with the Southern California native's emergence.

"I wouldn't say that he's surprising me," Shaw said. "He's gotten more reps. And we've always said about Evan, we knew that he could play, but we needed him to practice and play with a sense of urgency. And he's had that really the last three practices, which has been great. That's the next step for a young quarterback, because I had to remind him, I said you've never played in a game. I said if you ever get in a game, you need to be operating at game tempo, so you can actually have a chance to be successful. He's done that for the last three practices."

What does Crower do well?

"You start with height," Shaw said. "He's 6-foot-5. He can see over the offensive line. Now that he knows the offense better he's making quicker decisions, which helps accuracy. A lot of times when you're not sure what you're doing, you're a little bit late, but right now he's on time, he sees things that we need him to see and he's getting the ball out of his hands quickly and throwing the ball accurately."

That Crower is the only left-handed quarterback on the roster doesn't impact the way Stanford's offense operates.

"Nothing at all (changes in the offense)," Shaw said. "We work on everything both ways. As a former receiver in the only difference is the ball spins the opposite way and it tails the other way, but as long as you pick it up early there's really not that much of a difference."

As for Dallas Lloyd and David Olson, the other quarterbacks behind starter Kevin Hogan?

"They're doing well," Shaw said. "They picked up a lot more than I thought they would. It's been nice to have everybody in the room kind of on top of everything so we don't have to go back and cover things again. They've been very attentive. They both have some positives. Dallas is a great athlete. He could probably play a variety of positions. He made an unbelievable run today, just breaking contain and getting outside of the pocket, which he did a lot in high school. It's nice to have four guys in the room who know pretty much everything we're talking about and can go in and operate so we can go in and rotate the quarterbacks and not worry about it."

  • Kevin Danser, the presumable starting right guard for the 2013 Cardinal squad, again took reps at center. Danser's ability to play the center position and the glut of other center candidates will probably result in a lengthy competition.

    "It's still an experiment," Shaw said of Danser taking snaps at center. "It's an experiment, alright. I think he got a couple (of reps), not a whole lot. He'll probably get more on Thursday. Khalil (Wilkes) had a good day today, which is nice. Those guys, we're not going to make any quick decisions there. We're going to rotate those guys through. We'll get Graham Shuler back the next session, we'll give him an opportunity to see if he's ready to play."

  • The competition to replace Drew Terrell and Jamal-Rashad Patterson at receiver goes about 10 players deep. We asked Shaw if any receiver has started to separate from the pack "I think Ty (Montgomery) has been great," Shaw said. "He's been everything we needed him to be. I think Michael Rector has really stepped up. He and Kodi (Whtifield) have had really, really good camps so far."

  • Running back Ricky Seale was held out of practice with a knee injury he suffered during Saturday's open practice. "We held Ricky out today," Shaw said. "His knee is really sore." Safety Ed Reynolds was also witnessed without pads, presumably with the same ailment that forced him to miss Saturday's practice. Shaw said that Reynolds "tweaked a muscle" on Saturday.

  • Shaw confirmed to Cardinal Sports Report that former Stanford quarterback Robbie Picazo joined the program in a coaching capacity.

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