March 9, 2011

Getting to Know: Outside Linebacker Armonze Daniel

Staff writer Chris McLaughlin also contributed to this report

When thinking of instant impact players in Marshall's 2011 recruiting class--one of the first names that comes to mind is Avon (Avon, Indiana) linebacker Armonze Daniel.

Blessed with some of the best pass coverage skills you'll ever see in a high school linebacker, Daniel is in a league of his own when it comes to blanketing receivers in the open field.

He's excellent at jamming the receiver at the line of scrimmage and disrupting the timing and rhtyhm of their routes.

Not only that, when it comes to covering opposing receivers in space, Daniel can stay step-for-step with the best of them.

His ball skills are excellent as well and it goes without saying that you won't find a better pass coverage linebacker in the 2011 recruiting class than the Avon Standout.

Below is the latest edition in our series of "Getting to Know" features which we've been running on the members of Marshall's 2011 recruiting class.

Position: Outside Linebacker
Avon (Indiana) Avon High School
Current size: 6-4, 225 lbs.

Rankings/Ratings: Daniel was rated three-stars by, a 5.7 rated recruit. He was ranked as the 21st best outside linebacker in America according to and the 5th best prospect in the state of Indiana.

Stats: His senior year for Avon High School, Daniel posted 72 tackles, two interceptions, four forced fumbles, and five pass breakups. For his career, he racked up a total of 191 tackles, four interceptions, five forced fumbles, and 15 pass breakups.

Other schools offering scholarships: Iowa State, Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky

Thoughts and opinions:

Who is your favorite football player of all-time?

"I've got two. Number one is probably Lawrence Taylor. Then the other one is Ray Lewis"

What is the best football team you've ever seen?

"Probably the Auburn Tigers this past year."

Favorite NFL team?

"The Baltimore Ravens."

An up close and personal look:

What has been the most memorable moment on the football field so far in your career?

"Honestly I really can't even tell you. I really don't have one yet. I'm hoping to make some memorable moments coming up here soon."

Did you ever have an embarrassing moment playing football?

"Laughs). Yeah I have one. I think it was last year. I fell-I think it was the first play of the first game of our season and I was in pursuit. I just tripped up and fell in front of everybody. It's kind of embarrassing."

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

"Not really-I just get dressed, wait for the game to start, then I just flip the switch and it's go time."

Thoughts on Marshall:

What position will you be playing at Marshall?

"Outside Linebacker."

Are you expecting to redshirt your first year at Marshall?

"No sir."

What will you bring to Marshall as far as a strong point?

"My strong point, I think I stretch out the defense a little bit, make it more balanced I guess you could say. With the things that Marshall already has on defense, I could bring an extra force to the defense to help stop opposing offenses."

What is the one thing you need to work on to play at the next level?

"My fundamentals."

How often do you work out and what is your routine?

"I workout Monday through Friday. My rest days are Saturday and Sunday. My routine is uppers Monday, lowers Tuesday, then full body. Then I just start over from there."

Personal preferences:

What do you do in your spare time?

"I cook. I do stuff that normal people do, go out, go to the movies, I like to shop a lot too, very flashy dude. (Laughs)."

What food do you like the best?


What is your favorite television show?

"I have many - I'd have to probably say The Jamie Foxx Show."

Do you have a favorite movie?

"I'll have to say Friday Night Lights."

What's your favorite song or musical artist?

"I listen to a lot of Gucci Mane."

Do you have a nickname?

"Yeah they call me AD-All Day."

Do you have a major picked out yet?

"I was thinking more of a business management/business administration but I'm not sure. It's probably going to be business though."

Have you met all of the academic requirements to enroll at Marshall?

(Since this interview was completed Daniel receoved a qualifying score on his ACT.)

A look at the recruiting process:

What one thing was the determining factor in your picking Marshall?

"I would have to say my connection with some of the players out there. The players that were on the recruiting trip with me (weekend of January 14th), we connected, we bonded together. It was like one family. I could really see myself playing with a lot of those guys on the football field and winning a lot of games."

Did the Marshall coaches do anything unique in their recruiting?

"They stayed in contact with me. Every day they came up to the school, came up to my house. They really stayed on me. They were straight up, they didn't lie or try to sugarcoat anything. They really helped me out throughout the process."

Is there a Marshall coach that you feel especially close to?

"Coach Ratliff--he's a good person."

Did you make friends with any current players at Marshall or incoming freshmen during the process? Who and what did you like about him/them?

"Oh yeah a lot of those guys--Devin Arrington--me and him connected. We play the same position. Jermaine Holmes and Jarquez Samuel. I'm probably gonna room with both of them actually. Then Deon Meadows--he's probably going to be my roommate."

What school would you have chosen if you hadn't decided in favor of Marshall?

"To be honest I don't even know man. I can't even tell you."

The future and goals for Marshall and beyond:

What number would you like to wear at Marshall?

"I always ask my Auntie what number I should wear, she suggested 7. It's just a number to me but I wore 18 in high school so maybe 18. 17 is a good number."

What is your goal for this year?

"My goal is to come in and contribute early, play the best football I can. Helping the team come out and maturing at the end of the day. Getting better with my fundamentals. Just coming in and trying to help out."

Are you planning to attend the Green-White spring game?

"Yeah I can come down there."

Would you like to say anything to the Marshall fans?

"Come support us, come watch the games. Big things are sure to happen at Marshall now. That's about it."

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