December 26, 2010

Skov ready for the next level

It seems like fullback Patrick Skov crammed a years worth of recruitment into a few months. When Skov's senior tape hit the desks of college coaches a year a lukewarm interest caught fire.

And while the Cardinal may have seemed like a shoo-in to win Skov's services, that was not the case. Patrick had several offers and was getting new interest on a weekly basis. In fact the Cardinal greatest competition may have been rival Cal.

But when coach Jim Harbaugh called with a full offer to Stanford, Patrick made the decision to attend Stanford and play alongside his brother Shayne.

"When I talked to Stanford and coach Harbaugh earlier they really wanted me, and liked what they saw," Skov said. "They offered me but they were concerned about their numbers. But he was confident and we worked it out, and here I am."

The timing of the commitment comes at a good time for Patrick and the Skov family. After playing the Chesapeake Bowl on December 30, Patrick and family will make the trip to Miami and be near the Cardinal team for the Orange Bowl.

"It is going to make the Orange Bowl and going to Miami a little sweeter, and give me a stronger rooting interest. I was always going to be cheering for the Stanford team, but now I am rooting for my team."

Skov did not feel the recruiting process was rushed or crammed in, but did see a big uptick in interest when his film was sent out.

"When I put my tape out, a lot of teams starting contacting me and my coach," Skov said. "The interest really took off. It wasn't too late but the issue was schools had their classes getting full, there wasn't much room, team kind of had their minds set on who they were offering. So I was the new guy, and they were 'Oh, we like him but where do we take it from here.' "

Skov made an official visit to Washington State and another Bay Area team has piqued his interest and was in heavy contact with him.

"I really liked Cal, I don't know if Stanford people will that," Skov laughed. "But I was really interested in Cal."

But in the end Stanford offered all that Patrick wanted in a college.

"Academically we know it is one of the top tier programs in the world, and my parents have instilled in me that academics come first - a great education." Skov said.

"And growing up out west, I didn't grow up a Stanford fan but I have a lot of Stanford blood in my family. Of course Shayne, and my grandfather and great grandfather both went to Stanford. So it is good to be able to keep that tradition going. And adding to that the chance to play Pac-12 football is as good as it gets."

The 2010 season Stanford had only added to the lure for Patrick.

"Stanford proved this year that they are a top tier football program too, they didn't win the Pac-10 but they won 11 games, are ranked #4 and are going to a BCS bowl. So I don't know what else I could ask for."

Even though big brother was already in the Stanford program Patrick didn't feel any pressure from Shayne.

"He didn't try to push me at all towards Stanford," Patrick said. "He knew that I already was aware of the positives of Stanford and he didn't try to hide any of the negatives. He let me know anything I wanted to know about the program, good and bad, if anything was bad."

As a true blooded fullback, Patrick watched the Cardinal and Owen Marecic with a special interest.

"Watching Owen and seeing him get all the accolades, and seeing him get all the national recognition was great to see," Skov said. "It was good to see people understand what he does.

"And knowing I play that position and that Stanford showcases that position is exciting to see. I hope to be able to bring my own skill set to the table as well."

Stanford fans should delight at the thought of two Skov's in Cardinal red next season.

"I think it will be fun playing with my brother, hopefully I will be able to teach him some things," Skov laughed. "It will be great to get back to the Bay Area, I'm excited to get the whole recruiting process over with and get a new start at the next level."

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