June 18, 2010

Hokies land commitment No. 4

The Hokies have landed commitment No. 4 for the 2011 recruiting class. Who is it and what made him pick Virginia Tech over numerous other scholarships?

"I committed to Virginia Tech," Rivals250 cornerback Adeboye Aromire said. "I called Coach Beamer about 30 minutes ago and he was really excited and happy to hear the big news. He was real proud too."

What made him pull the trigger?

"Well, really from the beginning I just felt like Virginia Tech is honestly the place for me. They were the first school to show any attention, first to recruit and first to offer me. There is no better place for me and it's not too far away from home.

"They have a great coaching staff, the campus is beautiful, and they have a good team and are a good technical school. I'm thinking about going into computer science, computer engineering or pharmacy."

The Washington (D.C.) H.D. Woodson corner discussed his selection in more detail.

"I know they are losing a lot of defensive backs after the 2010 season," he said. "They lose all of their boundary corners and have to try to recruit me. The position looks freed up.

"In addition, Bud Foster is a great coach. He has a good history as a defensive coordinator. There was a whole lot that separated Virginia Tech from the others. I felt like that was the best place for me."

The 6-foot-0, 192-pounder was sold on his first visit to campus weeks ago for the spring game where he originally gave his pledge, before recommitting today.

"After the visit, I was sold," he said. "Tech is just like, I don't know how to phrase it, but it was the aura of the campus which is pretty good. I just felt like there was togetherness there between the fans, staff and players. In that day, I saw so many people that interacted with the coaches and it was different than other places.

"All schools talk about how they are family oriented, but how many really have the coaches come over to their house and eat dinner. Usually you don't see that, you can tell it's genuine between everybody."

That relationship with the coaches in particular was big in Aromire's selection.

"Coach Sherman is my man," he said. "I just feel like he is a genuine being and we hit it off from the beginning. The moment he saw me he was interested. He's a real personal and showed me his true side. I really got to know him and he's a great guy. He genuinely wanted me rather than the fact; we need to just get that guy. He told me, 'I want you, I want to coach you.' He's not even my coach, but he really seemed genuine and I felt like we connected man to man. Obviously to him, I'm somebody instead of just another player. I've got to thank him a lot for starting my recruiting off. He was interested in me before anyone in the nation knew who I was. He came in and sat down, looked at me and said, 'I know you can play football, I want to see you at Virginia Tech one day.'

"As for Coach Beamer, all head coaches are cool, but he told me how it is. He talked about how I have a chance to show as a person and a player. I really like that he spit some reality to me. They say he's like the mayor of the city there. He's really accomplished and can help mold you. I look forward to learning a lot from him. He's more than a coach."

Meanwhile, the corner is looking forward to his time with his future coaches, defensive coordinator Bud Foster and defensive back coach, Torrian Gray.

"Bud Foster is very accomplished," he said. "He's got an NFL defense and they do what they are supposed to do to win games. He created that defense with his bare hands.

"I look forward to working with Coach Gray too. He's a young guy that played in the NFL. He actually lived it rather than learned it. That's the difference I see and I feel like he's a good coach, a talented coach and I hope he'll be able to develop my talent to take it far. I watched tape with him for 20 minutes and felt like I learned a lot about what I'll be doing, I look forward to learning from him to get where I need to be."

Aromire selected the Hokies over other offers from Illinois, Buffalo, Maryland, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Aromire's choice is the latest in what is becoming a long line from H.D. Woodson. The corner is looking forward to joining his former teammate and current Hokie quarterback Ricardo Young in Blacksburg.

"It's going to be nice going with Ricardo again, he's a real close friend of mine. We're kind of like brothers," he said. "He really told me everything about Tech, he told me the truth. It's good to have another guy around our way at the school. I know he wanted me there from the get go and is excited that I'm coming.

"He stayed on me and did everything he could to get me to Tech. He really showed me something to be apart of and I believed him. I came down for the spring game and everything he said came to light. That is something I want to be apart of."

Like Young this past spring, Aromire plans to graduate early and enroll at Tech in January 2011.

"I am going to graduate in December," he said. "I just want to get a jump on everybody else in my class. I want to begin to learn the position before the season starts and before spring ball starts, so I can be on the same level as the guys there."

The star cornerback wanted to thank those around him for the opportunity.

"My mother is just a big inspiration to me," he said. "She does a lot on her own and keeps it real for me. This is my way to give something back to her. My brother has always been a role model to me and kind of like a dad when my father isn't around. My dad helped mold me too. I'm happy to make him happy and he's holding things down. My sister helped take care of me, she was like my mother, always cooking and cleaning. I had a lot of people in my family that kept me focused.

"I can't go without mention to Coach Black. He helped me get where I needed to be. He helped change my life and gave me an opportunity to run with it."

Finally, what are Aromire's thoughts on joining the Hokie nation?

"The fans are one thing that drew me there," he said. "It's a great college town and they really support their athletes and team. I'm honored to be part of that. I'm going to do my best to take it even farther."

Aromire posted 71 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions and seven pass breakups as a junior this past season.

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